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'Out of Area' Operational Support

Although RAF musicians are full time members of the Royal Air Force, and employed in their musical roles as part of the RAF Music Services, they also provide regular support as and when required to H M Forces on operations around the world. Most significantly in 1991 when all the UK based Royal Air Force bands were deployed on 'active service' in medical support roles at various field hospitals in Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War.


Members of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force, Band of the Royal Air Force Regiment and Band of the Royal Air Force College (supported by the Band of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force) have subsequently supported many other operations, including Covid19 duties at testing and vaccination centres in support of the NHS in 2020 and 2021.


The Royal Air Force Music Charitable Trust provides welfare support to RAF musicians on 'out of area' deployments.  


The photos here are a selection of regularly updated images of Royal Air Force musicians from the 1991 Gulf War and other more recent military operations including current Covid19 operations...

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